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If you liked the reality dating program Are You The One season 4 matches, we quoted some information on the pairings for season 4. In this show, more than 160 contestants have made an appearance in search of their ideal partner. Even though the majority of them didn’t find true love on the show, they went on to succeed in other areas or continued their reality television careers.

Which “single” who participated in the dating show went on to achieve the most success? Despite the fact that Are You A Season 4 on MTV aired in 2016, it is still being discussed because it is in the public eye. Even some people claim that Are you the one’s fourth season is the best, and we have to agree with them. People have started re-watching Are you the one Season 4 and reliving every minute of the season because it is now available on Netflix.

Are you a Season 4 is exciting and brimming with drama! By the end of the season, fans want to see that each participant has found their ideal match. At the awards event, we finally got to witness how well each candidate was paired. So, do you find people interesting? Do not spend too much time worrying! Below, you can find the complete list of Are You A Season 4 matches.


Are You The One Season 4 Matches | Are They Still Together?

In the reality dating program Are You The One (2014), pre-matched couples must strive to find their alleged perfect mates by going on dates and merely mingling with other people. They had to determine every potential match before the cast members of the show were paired using an algorithm.

Every episode has a pair who go through a truth booth to see whether they are a good fit or not. Despite its contentious matching algorithms and the normal reality TV interactions that take place on the show, the reality dating series is very popular. If you want to know about the season 6 matches, have a look right there also.

The program is still quite well known among viewers, nevertheless. We have included all of the information about Are You The One season 4 matches that fans of the program would need. Let’s examine what is known about the matches from Are You The One season 4 and their current whereabouts.

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Are You The One Season 4 Matches

1. Prosper Muna and Emma Sweigard

are you the one season 4 matches

When they were sent to the Honeymoon Suite, Emma and Prosper’s chemistry in the house had already begun to resemble a romantic relationship. It eventually fizzled out. Emma, who is 28 years old, will marry real estate agent Mitchell Miller in July 2021. Prosper, 30, is married and has three children.

2. Asaf Goren and Kaylen Zahara

are you the one season 4 matches
In the house, Kaylen and Asaf were never close, and both of them were interested in other people. They came back for Are You the One, too? Second Chances, but didn’t make an effort to date. Asaf, 31, recently welcomed his first kid with musician Mayaan Rudich in April 2022, while Kaylen, 28, is now unmarried.

3. Tori Deal and Morgan St. Pierre

are you the one season 4 matches

After the show, Morgan and Tori made an effort to date, but she ended up choosing his roommate. Despite putting on a strong display during AYTO: Second Chances, the couple decided against continuing their relationship.

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Tori, 29, has continued to make appearances on the reality competition series The Challenge. In 2019, she became engaged to co-star Jordan Wiseley, however, they later broke it up. Morgan, 30, appears to be single.

4. Cam Bruckman and Julia Rose

are you the one season 4 matches

After Julia had a love interest in Stephen McHugh, a different cast member, but didn’t pursue it further, Cam and Julia recognized they were the ideal combination. Instead, she started dating Stephen before the two of them broke up. Julia, 28, and media star Jake Paul have been dating on and off since 2020.
Later, Cam, 28, met Carolina Duarte from season 5, and the two got married in September 2019. In July 2022, the couple will give birth to their first child.

5. John Humphrey and Victoria Wyatt

are you the one season 4 matches

She tried to pursue a relationship with Cam until it was determined that they were not a fit while John and Victoria sat together at a few match-up ceremonies. The two presently keep low profiles, thus it is unknown whether they are dating.

6. Stephen McHugh and Nicole Brown

are you the one season 4 matches

Since he spent most of his time with Julia, Stephen and Nicole didn’t get along very well in the house. After the show, Stephen, 30, and Julia kept up their relationship despite the prospect of an alleged hookup. His current romantic situation is unknown. Nicole, 28, seems to be unmarried.

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7. Cameron Kolbo and Mikala Thomas

are you the one season 4 matches

The first season match to be officially announced was Mikala and Cameron, who spent the majority of the time together in the Honeymoon Suite. Before co-starring in the Are You the One? Second Chances spinoff, the two moved in together after the show and got a kitten.

8. Giovanni Rivera and Francesca Duncan

are you the one season 4 matches

Despite having chemistry in season 4, Francesca and Giovanni were too preoccupied with their obvious “no matches.” They returned for AYTO: Second Chances together, however, they decided against starting a relationship. Giovanni, 28, and Francesca, 29, appear to be dating each other.

9. Tyler Norman and Camille Satterwhite

are you the one season 4 matches

Tyler, 32, and Camille, 29, had no connections with each other or anybody else while they were on the show, but the finale proved that they were a fantastic match. It’s also unknown how they are currently romantically involved.

10. Sam Handler and Alyssa Ortiz

are you the one season 4 matches

In the house, Sam and Alyssa appeared to forge a close bond and were soon identified as perfect fits. After filming, they vanished, though. Alyssa, also 28, is dating musician Kevin Melaniphy, while it’s unknown if Sam, 28, is currently dating anyone.

Are You The One Season 4 Matches Still Together?

are you the one season 4 matches

In Are You The One? season 4, there were some real ties and intense flirtations between the matches, but none of the couples are still together today. Despite this, two of the competitors did end up dating Are You The One? actors from previous seasons.
For instance, Mikala Thomas is dating Joe Torgerson, a cast member from season 6. On Instagram, they routinely post adorable pictures of one another, and in February 2021, they got engaged! In addition to Mikala and Joe, participant Carolina Duarte from season 5 is married to Are You The One? season 4 star Cam Bruckman.
The two seem so cute together on social media, and they are expecting a baby girl in July! The other Are You The One? participants have gone on to new relationships after the show’s conclusion. Fun fact: Julia Rose, who starred in Season 4, is now dating Jake Paul! See one of them from Instagram by clicking here.

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Summing Up!

We have covered all the details you could need to know about the matches from Are You The One season 4 matches and their present lives. We sincerely hope you liked reading about the Are You The One season 4 matches and whether the couples are still together.

Please let us know what topic you want us to address next. Keep checking back with us for more of these enlightening reads. We hope you find this article quite helpful and entertaining. For more updates on entertainment and lifestyle, stay tuned for future articles. Thanks for reading!

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