Checkout Apple iPhone 14 Latest Leaks Released by Apple 2022

Checkout Apple iPhone 14 Latest Leaks Released by Apple 2022

Apple is doing its very best to provide you better experience and more features every year with amazing updates. Recently I updated my iPhone to iOS 15 and it’s just amazing to use because IOS 15 update increased its mobile surfing speed they totally changed the Safari interface to browse more quickly and many more features but today, My dear Apple fans, today am going to tell you the leaks got form apple core community about upcoming iPhone Just hold your breath and all the savings you got because the upcoming year is going to boom all Apple Phones.

Many of you waiting for the iPhone 13 release date, But what if I tell you apple recently twisted the whole thing by giving the leaks of iPhone 14 that is likely to come in next year they leaked upcoming iPhone 14 colors, design, a screen with no notch and one more new thing periscope lens. So, Till the End of this article you will know full details about Apple iPhone 14 Latest Leaks released by Apple and its upcoming features Given below:-

Here are the Apple iPhone 14 Latest Leaks released by Apple 2022

1. Apple Live Event  Date and Launch Date, Release Date


iPhone 14

Every Launch event of apple is amazing and everything they tell before the official release of the upcoming iPhone creates a little hype among all the apple fans and because of the (Covid-19) pandemic Apple has to switch its event to digital format so that more people across the globe connect. Apple is expected to announce its four new iPhone 13 models this year — the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. They are expected to be the same as iPhone 12 with slightly less notch and more refresh rate and battery life. Apple shared the invites for a live stream set for September 14th, 2022 at 1:00 PM Eastern Time or 10:30 PM IST (Indian Time). You can watch this event live at 

2. Leaks about Apple iPhone 14 New Titanium and Camera Design

iPhone 14 titanium design
Credits:- Frontpagetech

Apple Recently leaked the new design change for the iPhone 14. It’s likely to be the same as iPhone 12 but some of the slighter changes will make your mind to buy iPhone 14 over 13. If I talk about the back of the phone it’s crazy to say that the bump of the camera is gone and will not come after the official launch, and the Apple iPhone 14 will come with the more thick body because of its no camera bump and because of its more battery according to leaks. The Apple Logo behind the glass will not be touchable as comes under the glass that is awesome. and the volume buttons will be round like iPhone 4 and The sides of the iPhone will be of titanium and that is something amazing to look at with a more clean and sharp design. The bottom of the phone is the same as other iPhones and will likely come with a lighting port.

3. Leaks about Apple iPhone 14 colors

iphone 14 colors
Credits:- Frontpagetech

Apple doesn’t leak its colors yet but according to some sites like front page tech, it will surely come with a golden color that is somewhat confirmed to say and look at in the future. And if you want to feel iPhone 14 in real life before the launch you can check out the link and watch it in AR anywhere you want. If you really want to watch color leak before the launch you can check it in the link given mid the paragraph.

4. Leaks about Apple iPhone 14 No Notch and Display

iphone 14 display
Credits:- Frontpagetech

Finally, the leaks tell that the Notch is gone in Apple iPhone14 pro max and screen will come with full display and camera at the top of the screen and face id still exits under the screen but if I talk about the iPhone 13 it will come with a notch that you will see on a Live event. You must be wondering about is their chance of coming back of fingerprint scanner on display or on the power button, so guys you will not get any fingerprint scanner there will be face id under the screen.

5. Leaks about Apple iPhone 14 Periscope Lenses

iPhone 14 telescopic lens
Credits:- 9to5mac

According to rumors Apple iPhone 14 is likely to come with a periscope lens that is the major additional thing we can see in future iPhones and if I talk about what is periscope lens is? and how it works, don’t worry you will get the answer below:-

Periscope lens:- According to the technology uses a prism or mirror to refract light onto the lens sensor for magnification purposes you can see that that outside the lens of most of the DSLRs, Pericope lens are more compact and advance, and easy to fit inside the phone with ease and don’t even take up too much internal space. Depending on the build of the phone and internal space available, a periscope lens could theoretically be quite long, allowing for impressive levels of optical zoom. Periscope lens also comes with more digital zoom and clarity than you will see in pics given Above:-

“Leaks about Apple iPhone 14 Storage and Battery Life”

In Future iPhone will going to launch its first two phones which is iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 max and after some days or months you will see the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 pro max and if I talk about the storage it’s likely to come with 64GB in smaller devices and according to some rumors in future no device with variants likely to come with 128 GB, you will see more 256 GB,512GB, and 1 TB like another android mobile phone to ease your vlogging or more storage talking apps so be ready to unleash some bigger surprise coming next year.

Apple iPhone14 battery is one of the most important things to be noted and the happiest thing that is going to happen next year is that these new devices will come with more battery somewhere around 4500 mah-5000mah in higher devices.


A video-based content on Apple iPhone 14 Latest Leaks released by Apple

Source:  Max Tech


End of the Line:-

Above I have mentioned every possible thing that you will see in the future in the upcoming iPhone 14 with its feature, Apple Live Event Date and Launch Date, Release Date, Apple iPhone 14 New Titanium Design, Apple iPhone 14 colors, Apple iPhone 14 No Notch and Screen, Apple iPhone 14 Storage and Battery Life

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