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Hey, everyone, I hope you all are good and having the time of your life, welcome back here as you guys know I always come up with some interesting topics related to life, movies, shows, social media, and many more. In the previous article, I have shared with some Grand Tour season 5 and now in this article, I am sharing all detailed information about Animal Kingdom season 5 watch online 2021. So all the fans out there the wait is over. Finally the most Awaited Animal Kingdom season 5 is here all set to begin.

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Press release 11 July 2021
Star cast Ellen Barkin, Shawn Hatosy, Andrew Cody, Ben Robson, Jake Weary, Finn Code, Rigo Sanchez, Scott Speedman, and Sohi Rodriquez
Genre Action
Director Nick Copus
Total season 4



An American drama television series The ANIMAL KINGDOM. The TV series debuted on June 14, 2016 on TNT. In July 2016 the second season was announced which consist of 13 episodes and this premiered on May 30, 2017. The third season was debuted on May 29, 2018, and in July 2018 TNT renewed the fourth season which was released on May 28, 2019. And now it is all set for season 5.

Series Renewed date Premiered date
1 June 2016 14 June 2016
2 July 2016 May 30, 2017
3 July,2017 May 29, 2018
4 July 2018 May 28, 2019



Yes, it is officially announced that the Successful and the most awaited series Animal Kingdom season 5 is all set for a press release on 11 July. The story revolves around the Cody family who is involved with some underworld activities. Well, the question is how many episodes the series covers. If we look at the other season of Animal Kingdom it includes 13 episodes for each season. But for now, there is no detailed information about how many episodes does the Animal Kingdom season 5 has. All we can do is assumed that it might contain 13 episodes.


The list for the star cast of Animal kingdom season 5 includes Ellen Barkin as Janine Cody aka Smurf, Shawn Hatosy as Andrew Cody or pope, Ben Robson as Craig Cody, Jake Weary as Deran Cody, Finn Cole as Joshua Cody or J, Rigo Sanchez as Manny, Scott Speedman as Barry and Sohi Rodriquez as Mia Benitez.


We will see in the upcoming Animal Kingdom season 5 that Hatosy, Robson, Deran, and J are still struggling to come up with Smurf’s death. The family members are ready for their revenge and they are struggling to maintain their alliance and to choose which of them will come up and become the leader because A kingdom without a leader is like a Body without Blood. It will be really fun to watch whom things will work in their favor.


Animal Kingdom Season 5 Teaser




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