All-Star Tower Defense Codes | Free Gems and Gold | Complete List

All-Star Tower Defense Codes | Free Gems and Gold | Complete List

Wanna know about all-star tower defense codes? An also how to get free gems and gold in the game. Dude, you’re in right place. To defend your tower with an all-star cast of characters from different animes and mangas, such as Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Bleach, and Demon Slayer, is the main goal of the wildly popular Roblox game All-Star Tower Defense (ASTD).

However, as you progress, you might find that you need additional Coins, Gems, or better-suited anime characters or towers for a particular level or objective. How do you swiftly stock up? Codes! A plethora of free resources to aid your gameplay is a requirement for any Roblox game to be complete. To save you time from having to search around Discord, we decided to compile the most recent free gem codes into an All-Star Tower Defense codes list.

What purpose do All-Star Tower Defense codes therefore serve? They grant you jewels, which you can use to call out fresh fighters. Additionally, some of these characters are more strong than others, exactly like in the majority of Gacha system games. As a result, diamonds have a significant impact on your strength, and all-star tower defence codes are quite helpful if you wish to acquire more summons. So, let’s get started.


Here Are The All-Star Tower Defense Codes

all-star tower defense codes

While riding the current wave of Roblox games with an anime theme, all-star tower defense is also a lot of fun as you use characters to repel waves upon waves of enemies. However, every character in the game has an anime theme, allowing you to collect warriors from all of your favorite programs.

You may receive tonnes of Gems, Gold, and even some really rare character towers completely free with the all-star tower defense codes provided below! Make quick work of the story mode by using these goodies in the gacha system for the chance to summon a four or five-star anime character like Minato Namikaze, Super Saiyan Goku, Hollow Ichigo, or Pain on the All-Star Tower Defense codes banners.


Working All-Star Tower Defense

  • summerwoo2022 – an EXP IV and 750 gems
  • ticketupdate – 400 gems
  • astd1millikes—Redeem for 1,250 Gems
  • newaprilupdate—Redeem for 450 Gems
  • changesjune – 400 gems
  • NavyXFlame130kNoLeak – an EXP IV and 500 gems
  • allstarspring—Redeem for 450 Gems
  • owouch – 400 gems


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Expired All-Star Tower Defence

  • congratulations2kingluffy300ksubscribersonyoutube300k—Redeem for a Mega-Rare character
  • NavyXFlame130kNoLeak—Redeem for EXP IV and 500 Gems
  • superwoop—Redeem for 400 Gems
  • ticketupdate—Redeem for 400 Gems
  • themadao—Redeem for 1000 Gems, 750 Gold, and 1 EXP IV
  • world2ishere—Redeem for 500 Gold and 300 Gems
  • astdx2022—Redeem for 1000 Gold, 500 Gems, and an Omega-Rare
  • winterbreakwhen—Redeem for 250 Gems and 250 Gold
  • SUBTOBLAMSPOT100kBOA—Redeem for reward
  • ultramove—Redeem for an Ultra Capsule
  • 1mgroupmembers—Redeem for 800 Gems and 800 Gold
  • thecityofangels—Redeem for 250 Gems and 250 Gold
  • eatlotsonthanksgiving—Redeem for 300 Gems and 500 Gold
  • 100ksubnavyxflame—Redeem for 300 Gems and Mega Rare Super Koku Black (SSJ3)
  • starshipway—Redeem for Gems and EXP IV
  • anniversaryastd—Redeem for 1500 Gold, 1200 Gems, and Omega-Rare
  • -ASTDDevs—Redeem for 500 gems, 500 gold, EXP IV
  • world2comingsoon—Redeem code for 250 Gold and 250 Gems
  • merrychristmas2k21—Redeem for 1000 Gold, 1000 Gems, and EXP IV
  • KingLuffyFan200k—Redeem for Ultra Rare King Ruffy
  • robloxyay—Redeem for 300 Gold, 800 Gems and EXP III
  • december2021—Redeem for 500 Gold and 300 Gems
  • igot2look—Redeem for 250 Gems, 250 Gold
  • goldgemgold—Redeem for 650 Gold and 250 Gems
  • wowshutdown—Redeem for 200 Gems
  • navyxflameyt60k—Redeem for 200 gems and EXP III
  • 2bcodeswagmodeblazeit—Redeem for 400 Gems and Mega-Rare Kakashi
  • novemberupdate—Redeem for 300 Gems and 500 Gold [May work with private server]
  • fromastd—Redeem for 500 Gems, 500 Gold, and Omega Rare EXP IV
  • navyxflame80ksubs—Redeem for EXP III and Gems
  • fruit100k—Redeem for 300 Gems and Exp III
  • septemberupdate21—Redeem for 250 Gems
  • tacotuesday—Redeem for 250 Gems
  • tacotuesday—Redeem for 250 Gems
  • longwait—Redeem for 450 Gems
  • 4partyrocking—Redeem for 250 Gems
  • happyhalloween2021—Redeem for 300 Gold, 200 Gems and Pumpkin Capsule
  • longmaintenance—Redeem for 450 Gems
  • nooshutdown—Redeem for 400 Gems
  • illbewatchingyou—Redeem for 300 Gems
  • nowherescoredeal—Redeem for 250 Gems
  • theotheronecode—Redeem for 250 Gems [Must Start a Game or Join a Private Server]
  • mrworldwide—Redeem for 300 Gems
  • codeofprisma—Redeem for 250 Gems [Must Start a Game or Join a Private Server]
  • listentothemusic132—Redeem for 175 Gems
  • shutdownagaincode21—Redeem for 250 Gems
  • thursdayfun—Redeem for 250 Gems
  • NAVYXFLAME4CODE—Redeem for 150 Gems
  • specialkingluffy100k—Redeem for 150 Gems and King Ruffy
  • gamebreakingvisits101—Redeem for 250 Gems
  • Minishutdown—Redeem for 200 Gems
  • morecodeforyouxd– Redeem for 175 Gems
  • Codeoflight—Redeem for 250 Gems [Must Start a Game or Join a Private Server]
  • 4thofjulyupdate—Redeem for 250 Gold, 250 Gems, and EXP III
  • supertime—Redeem for 150 Gems
  • fruitgame—Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • updatejune2021—Redeem code for 250 Gold, 250 Gems, and EXP III
  • fruit—Redeem for 550 gems, 500 Gold, and 2x EXP III
  • Update53021—Redeem for 150 Gems, 300 Gold, and EXP III
  • howareyoutodaymyfriendo—Redeem for 175 Gems [Must Start a Game or Join a Private Server]
  • fruitysubmore—Redeem for a Reward [Must Start a Game or Join a Private Server]
  • lesgolesgoyuuh—Redeem for 150 Gems
  • diamondnowina—Redeem for 150 Gems
  • yellowsix—Redeem for 150 gems
  • smoothcriminal2—Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • shotofmemories—Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • biggerthanlife1—Redeem for 150 Gems
  • 600klikes—Redeem code for 175 Gems
  • addnewunitstobannerfix—Redeem for 150 Gems [Must Start a Game or Join a Private Server]
  • 2021memorialday2021x—Redeem for 150 Gems
  • lieawake—Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • likeapartyonthelist—Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • 1billionvisit21drip—Redeem code for 200 Gems, 300 Gold, and Koku Drip Skin
  • helloworld2021—Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • isitthenewerayet—Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • Lovetobrazil—Redeem for 150 Gems
  • ohmahgawdskill—Redeem for 150 Gems
  • tysmfor1mfavorite—Redeem code for 750 Gems, 750 Gold, and EXP III
  • jahajha—Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • handsoftime—Redeem code for 2 EXP IIIs
  • lovetofightastd—Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • quickshut—Redeem code for 100 Gems
  • freedom—Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • 1bvisit1b—Redeem code for 1,000 Gems
  • eastercoda21—Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • somemorenewcoode—Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • subtome—Redeem code for 80 Gems
  • incredibledayum—Redeem code for 50 Gems
  • 700mil—Redeem code for 200 Gems and EXP III Mega-Rare [Must Start a Game or Join a Private Server] 
  • hchgaming—Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • gameon2021—Redeem code for 500 Gems
  • epicnew—Redeem code for 50 Gems
  • rainmen—Redeem code for 50 Gems
  • lateupdatendat—Redeem code for 200 Gems
  • omgdiscordpopoff—Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • mytimerchamber—Redeem code for 300 Gems [Must Start a Game or Join a Private Server]
  • thisisthenewestcode—Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • subinferman—Redeem code for 50 Gems
  • likethegamepog2021—Redeem code for 200 Gems and EXP III Mega-Rare [Must Start a Game or Join a Private Server]
  • updatebelike—Redeem code for 50 Gems
  • pert—Redeem code for 50 Gems
  • rwarhappynewyear2k21—Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • 2k20merrychristmas2k20—Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • 2shutdowncode12232000—Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • 100KClypso—Redeem code for 50 Gems
  • decemberfun2020—Redeem code for 300 Gems
  • bigtim—Redeem code for 50 Gems
  • codecodeyayhooray—Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • bigbangrah—Redeem code for 80 Gems
  • liketo320k—Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • nano150k—Redeem code for 50 Gems
  • 240kearly—Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • subtoinfernasu—Redeem code for 100 Gems
  • noclypsub—Redeem code for 50 Gems
  • ni2—Redeem code for 150 Gems (Might only work in a Private Server)
  • roadto300kuwu—Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • subtosnuglife—Redeem code for 100 Gems
  • liketo280k—Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • kelvin500ksubs—Redeem code for 50 Gems
  • likethegamepog—Redeem code for 400 Gems
  • shutdowncode—Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • likeslikeslikes—Redeem code for 200 Gems
  • subtoinfer2x—Redeem code for 50 Gems
  • UseCodeDessiYT—Redeem code for 100 Gems
  • sub2navyxflame—Redeem code for 100 Gems
  • Frangosub—Redeem code for 50 Gems
  • watchaot—Redeem code for 150 Gems (Might only work in a Private Server)
  • letsgetiton—Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • showmenow—Redeem code for 150 Gems (Might only work in a Private Server)
  • codegoaliee—Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • 200knextcode—Redeem code for 150 Gems (Might only work in a Private Server)
  • Sebbydesu9000—Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • lilfavorite—Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • supremethen—Redeem code for 100 Gems
  • Infernasu—Redeem code for EXP II Character
  • foreverandever—Redeem code for 200 Gems
  • ALWAYSTOGETHER—Redeem code for 200 Gems
  • spentmytime—Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • epicgal—Redeem code for 100 Gems
  • hunudthousand—Redeem code for 200 Gems (Might only work in a Private Server)
  • supernaruto—Redeem code for 100 Gems
  • AllStarDessi—Redeem code for 50 Gems
  • UnderTheWeather—Redeem code for 100 Gems
  • manylike—Redeem code for 100 Gems
  • ryukostop—Redeem code for 150 Gems


all-star tower defense codes

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Why do my all-star tower defense cheat codes not work?

Ans. If all-star tower defense codes aren’t working, double-check that the code is spelled correctly by copying and pasting it rather than typing it in, as this is the main cause of many codes not working. Sometimes, codes suddenly expire, leaving players puzzled as to why they are listed on our list of active codes.

Please let us know if you come across a code in the Active Codes section that appears to be no longer valid so we can quickly take it down. If a code is in our functioning area but doesn’t work for you, be sure to keep trying it as you advance through All-Star Tower Defense codes. Sometimes you have to reach a certain stage in the game for some codes to work.

Q2. Why do we need all-star defense codes?

Ans. All-Star Tower Defense Codes are presents distributed by the game’s creator and frequently include gems, which are used as currency in All-Star. Keep monitoring our list if you don’t want to miss any Top-Down Games provide these codes following updates or when attaining a social target.


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Q3. How may All-Star Tower Defense (ASTD) codes be redeemed?

Ans. 1. Press the Settings/Gear button in the bottom right corner of the experience once you’re inside of it.
2. Enter the valid code into the “Enter Code” text box when the new window pops up.
3. If the code is valid, you ought to instantly get your free gift.
4. The code will remain in the text field if it doesn’t function.

Q4. How to obtain Social Prizes in ASTD for special rewards?

Follow FruitySama on YouTube and the @AllStarTowerDef Twitter account to receive special rewards for playing All-Star Tower Defense. The following won’t function if you don’t follow these accounts. Follow these two accounts, then carry out the following actions:

  1. Click the Settings/Gear button in the bottom right corner of the screen once the game has loaded.
  2. Click on “Social Rewards” under “Enter Code” at the bottom of the list when the new window pops up.
  3. A new window containing two text boxes—YouTube ID and Twitter User—will open when the link is clicked.
  4. You must enter your Twitter username in the right box and your YouTube ID in the left box.
  5. Your Twitter username must contain the @ symbol.
  6. Once one or both of them have been input, press enter, to receive the special benefits.


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So, in order to get free gems and gold, use these All-Star Tower Defense codes. Join the official Discord server to learn more about All-Star Tower Defense codes and what’s going on in the game. Alternatively, keep watching our list because we’ll update it once a new code is released. Download Roblox from the App Store or Google Play to play All-Star Tower Defense.

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