All Monster Movies In Order |Here’s The Chronological Order

All Monster Movies In Order |Here’s The Chronological Order

Monster Movies In Order: After seeing all of its prior seasons, you are now impatiently awaiting the release of the upcoming one. Because we are aware of your situation, we have made the decision to give you guys an article on monster movies in chronological sequence, along with all the other relevant details you may be interested in.

Because there have been so many films in the Monster High series throughout the years, new fans often wonder what order the films should be viewed. Continue reading to learn more about the movies, and also the Monster High movies in chronological order.

The Monster High-end fashion doll line was created by Garret Sander and released by Mattel on June 11, 2010. Monster High is a very popular movie franchise, and because there have been so many movies in the series over the years, new fans are interested in learning all Monster Movies In Order.

 Monster Movies

monster movies in order

On June 11, 2010, Mattel unveiled the Monster High fashion doll franchise, which was developed by American designer Garret Sander. Its characters are influenced by a variety of creatures, including monsters from horror films, science fiction, and thrillers.

In the United States, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment and Mattel both started putting out animated direct-to-video television programs and movies, all of which were shown on Nickelodeon.

Additionally, there are three sections to the entire film series: the First-generation films (2010-2016), which include the first 13 films in total. The final Third-generation films (from 2022 to the present) consist of one still-untitled film, while the Second-generation films (from 2016 to 2017) included two films.

Dolls were its sole focus at first, but that quickly changed as additional consumer goods, many of which were targeted at children, such as other categories of toys, apparel and accessories, books and comics, stationery, and more, quickly began to appear.

The Monster High Movie Series comprises fifteen (15) movies, starting with “New Ghoul At School” on October 30, 2010, and going on to include “Fright On!,” “Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love,” “Escape from Skull Shores,” “Friday Night Frights,” “Scaris: the City of Frights,” “Boo York, Boo York,” and many more.


Here’s How To Watch Monster Movies In Order

So, below is the list of all Monster Movies in order, if you want to know how can you start watching these movies, then follow the order from 1 to 16.

1. Monster High [New Ghoul at School]

Frankie Stein is about to learn how to get through her day at Monster High with a devilish flair because the first day of school could be an absolute agony pit.

Frankie will find out that being her crazy wonderful self could be the greatest way to fit in with her newly drop-dead horrific classmates when she crosses the reigning terror of prominent queen Cleo de Nile.

After that, take part in the fierce fun with 10 shorts that depict what life at school is actually like, from surviving “Home Ick” to supporting the “Student Disembodied President”.

2.  Monster High [Fright On]

In this Monster High Nightmare People at the Maul are eagerly anticipating the Twin Heart movie’s debut as they sit on various turtles and ghouls.

These two also become aware of the antagonism between werewolves and vampires after overhearing conversations between the two species and seeing Draculaura and Clawd holding hands.

The toilet paper that is clinging to Draculaura’s footwear is highlighted by the turtles and ghoul. The excitement over the school announcement swept the ghouls up.

According to headmistress Bloodgood, two other schools will merge with Monster High. Crescent Moon High is a school for werewolves, whereas Belfry Prep is a school for vampires.

Her ultimate goal was to bring monsters and humans together. Whenever the two schools showed there, the ghouls with Abbey’s help put together a fantastic setup.

Romulus, Clawd’s longstanding best friend, advises the werewolves to refrain from causing trouble during the first week of school.

This follows the three of them exchanging sarcastic remarks. Two vampires were then introduced: Bram Devein and Gory Fangtell.

3. Monster High [Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?]

The third television special for the Monster High animated series is titled “Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?” The TV special refers to the Sweet 1600 slogan. The latest TV special for Monster High, “Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?” Split into two different fantastic boys is Draculaura.

4.  Monster High [Escape from Skull Shores]

To spend their spring vacation at her place, Lagoona invites their friends. The ship is attacked during this time and sinks inside the middle of the voyage, stranding the survivors on a little raft.

Behind a bag, Bartleby Farnum and Kipling, his helper, hide their faces. Farnum, pretending to be a performance, hears the little monsters’ cries and intervenes to save them. She gives off the impression of being a daring explorer with a unique connection.

We’ve now given you a brief summary of each Monster High Movie as well as the chronological order in which they were released. Now that they’re online, you can find them and start browsing.


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5. Monster High [Friday Night Frights]

The “Skultimate Roller Maze,” a roller-skating competition presented by Monster High, has a long history (SKRM). Whichever team loses against the Gargoyles gets the other’s crest.

Due to the cheating of the opposing team, Monster High already has its crest taken off after their most recent loss against the Granite High Gargoyles.

The school is rapidly degrading without the crest, thus it is imperative to restore it as quickly as possible. However, many players were unable to play because of injuries they sustained in the previous game.

To the surprise of the boys, who think that only boys are actually capable of partaking in SKRM, a few of the girls decide to fight the Gargoyles alone.

6. Monster High [Ghouls Rule]

The fifth TV special in the animated Monster High series is titled “Ghouls Rule.” The TV special is a continuation of the Ghouls Rule television series.

Every year, soon before Halloween, Monster High students are shown a film alerting them about the risks they may encounter after the occasion.

Halloween may not be a day when many people go in search of monsters, but that doesn’t mean that monsters can feel safe in the days leading up to and on the actual celebration.

7. Monster High [Scaris: City of Frights]

There are 10 Scaris-themed dolls in the Scaris: City of Frights doll collection. They include Catrine DeMew, Cleo de Nile, Lagoona Blue, Draculaura, Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf, newbies Jinafire Long & Skelita Calaveras, Deuce Gorgon, Ghoulia Yelps, and Abbey Bominable.

The first five dolls have travel diaries, backpacks, and other accessories, while the next four are more thrifty. In addition, there are two playsets, and one of those is changeable and the other is a café cart.

Mid-November 2012 saw the release of the line’s deluxe dolls, with the remaining dolls following in late November. Late in January 2013, a premium doll named Catrine became available exclusively at Walmart.

8. Monster High [13 Wishes]

Howleen, Clawdeen Wolf’s younger sister, is eager to be even more fantastic this year as Monster High begins a new academic year.

When she meets Gigi Grant, a genie who grants her not three but thirteen wishes, her quest for fame turns out that it was simpler than anyone could have anticipated.

However, the ghouls quickly discover that each request has a sinister side, and before they know it, Monster High’s student body is upside-down!

Come along with Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura, as well as the rest of his ghoul friends as they venture deep beneath the magic lantern to save Monster High’s very soul, showing off their lethal fashion at every turn.


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9. Monster High [Frights, Camera, Action]

The seventh TV special of the Monster High cartoon series is titled “Frights, Camera, Action!” The Frights, Camera, Action! franchises include Frights, Camera, and Action! – Hauntlywood, and Frights, Camera, Action! – Black Carpet series.

One day, a substantial portion of both the Monster High students makes the decision to attend the new Vampire Majesty movie premiere before class.

Draculaura has been one of them, ignoring the fact that she has publicly criticized the Vampire Majesty series’ inaccuracies and called its star, Veronica Von Vamp, a hack, interrupting the movie and upsetting several of the students in the process.

10. Monster High [Freaky Fusion]

Five characters make up the Freaky Fusion – Freaky Fusions doll line; each of them is a hybrid or fusion of all four types that were first introduced in the Freaky Fusion series.

They are Dracubecca, a hybrid of Draculaura and Robecca Steam, Cleolei, a cross between Cleo de Nile & Toralei Stripe, as well as Neighthan Rot & Lagoonafire, a mixture of Lagoona Blue & Jinafire Long, Clawvenus, a hybrid of Clawdeen Wolf & Venus McFlytrap, and Dracubecca, a hybrid of Draculaura and Robecca. All five dolls first appeared in mid-June of 2014.

11.  Monster High [Haunted]

The Monster High anime series’ ninth television special is titled “Haunted.” The phrases from Haunted – Student Spirits & Haunted – Getting Ghostly are also mentioned in the television program.

Worried about her school’s lack of buzz, Spectra looks for news on her blog. Toralei alerts her to a rumour that the school’s werewolves are in possession of were-fleas after furiously removing her from either the Fear Squad on plagiarism.


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12. Monster High [Boo York, Boo York]

An episode of Monster High is titled Boo York, Boo York (also known as Boo York). The Monster High doll line is the inspiration for the animated movie Boo York: A Monsterrific Musical! by Mattel Playground Productions.

It had a direct-to-video release on September 29 and was broadcast as a television special on Nickelodeon on October 25, both in 2015. The soundtrack was featured on the US Kid Albums and Soundtracks charts of Billboard.

13. Monster High [Great Scarrier Reef]

Enter a brand-new Monster High world! Embark on a brand-new watery adventure with your favorite ghoul buddies! The Great Scarrier Reef’s bloody underwater habitat is shown to the ghosts when they are dragged into the school pool.

When Lagoona realizes she has returned home, she embarks on a heartfelt journey to accept her peculiar imperfections.

As she faces a foe from her past, wants to compete in a spooky dance spectacle, and battles a horrible beast from the depths, she will undoubtedly need assistance from the spookiest friends ever!

14. Welcome to Monster High

“Welcome to Monster High,” also known as “Welcome to Monster High: The Origin Story,” also known as “Monster High: The Movie,” is the fourteenth and initial television special in the series.

The concept reinterpreted the beginnings of Monster High and how the key characters met. From earlier webisodes like New Ghoul @ School, it radically diverges.


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15. Monster High [Electrified]

Frankie has the ideal location when Clawdeen envisions launching a salon for monsters and normal people: an abandoned power plant outside of town.

However, Moanica’s scheme to sabotage the celebration and replace it with something even more shocking sparks a negative voltage in the plan.

Fortunately, the ghouls have a sneaky weapon on their side. Twyla is the Boogey Man’s daughter and the ideal ghoul to solve any puzzle.

They must foil Moanica’s scheme with the aid of her ghoul companions, charge up their attire, and prevent the normie town from going dark.

And launch the most electrifying salon ever! Take note of every bend, zap, explosion, and twist. due to the Monster High ghouls’ impending ELECTRIC transformation!

16. Monster High [The Movie]

A new animated series, as well as a live-action film, are expected to be based on the Monster High fashion doll trademark from Mattel and to air on Nickelodeon & Paramount+ in the US in the fall of 2022.

Updated Monster High: Following Clawdeen Wolf, who was raised half human, half werewolf, to her new school, Monster High, will be the focus of the film.

She instantly befriends Frankie Stein & Draculaura, two of her classmates, and, although holding her human half a secret, Clawdeen feels that she has at last found a place where she belongs and can be herself for the initial time in her life.


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Summing Up!

So, we have covered the complete list of monster movies in order. We truly hope you’ll find this content to be very informative and helpful. For more information on television, movies, and other types of entertainment, continue to check Americbuzz as well as its upcoming articles. In the comment sections, feel free to contact us anytime; we look forward to answering them all. Thank you for reading, and be healthy until then!

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