add music to facebook profile?

You should learn how to add music to your Facebook profile because some people like to express themselves through their favorite songs rather than in 101 characters or less. Zuckerberg thankfully gives you the option to add music to your Facebook profile. But the question is How to add music to Facebook profile? 

You can really add many songs to your Facebook profile, and you may pin one song so that it appears directly above your Facebook bio. Let’s not forget that you can also upload music to Facebook Stories while we’re talking about How to add music to Facebook profile? Why not use the option to make images come to life if you have it?

Facebook is a flexible social networking platform that lets you watch videos, play games right away, chat with friends, and even advertise your business. It’s true that Facebook can do everything. Among the countless things Facebook provides, one that has just been made available is the ability to add your favorite songs to your profile. Today in this article we are going to share with you how to add music to Facebook profile? 

Once the music has been added, you can listen to it whenever you like while checking your profile to see your loved ones’ most recent changes. You will have to pick the song by hand and manually add it to your profile. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Let’s learn how to add music to a Facebook profile? 

Here’s How To Add Music To Facebook Profile?


Even if you have chosen your postings to be visible exclusively to your friends, it is crucial to remember that any songs you add to your Facebook profile will be put to the public. Before learning how to add music to your Facebook profile, you should be aware of this.

Only the Facebook apps for Android, iPad, and iPhone can use this feature. As a result, you are unable to upload music to your Facebook profile when using a web-based Facebook account. Instead, all you need to do to get started is adhere to a few straightforward procedures.

1. Get the Facebook app for iOS or Android.

2. Log into your Facebook account.

3. To access the “What’s on your mind” field, scroll down. A tab labeled “Photos, Avatars, Life Events” can be found directly beneath it.

4. Tap the Music option after swiping left until you see it.
5. On the Facebook Music page, tap the plus sign (+) in the top right corner.
6. Find your favorite song using a search engine, then hit the “Add” button next to it to add it to your Facebook page.
7. Go back to the Music page and tap on the triple-dot icon directly next to the song you wish to save.
8. Click “Pin to profile.”

Your most popular song will now appear directly above your Facebook bio. If you wish to swap out the song or unpin it, tap on the triple-dot icon directly next to it. Return to the Facebook Songs page to delete music from your Facebook profile.

Delete the song from the profile by tapping the triple-dot icon next to the song. Only Facebook mobile users are able to access this feature. In other words, Facebook desktop users are unable to both contribute music to their profiles and view the songs that others have posted.

How To Remove Unwanted Music From Facebook Profile?

Songs may be removed from your profile just as quickly as they can be added. For instance, you can be tired of the song and wish to listen to something different. Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to do that:

Step 1. Go to your Facebook profile page, not the feed page, as the first step. Click the Music icon on your profile after a little amount of scrolling down.

Step 2: Select one of the selections by clicking on the three horizontal dots immediately adjacent to the song.

Step 3: Select the deleted song from the profile option in the settings menu. The song will be permanently deleted from your profile if you do this.

How To Add Music To Facebook Stories?

After becoming aware of how to add music to Facebook profile? Following the addition of a song to your Facebook profile. Navigate to the Facebook Music page, tap the three dots next to the music, and then tap “Add to Story.” Additionally, you can use music in your Instagram Stories. By following the methods below, you may also add music to a Facebook story quickly and easily:

1. The “Create story” card can be found on your Facebook profile page.

2. Click the Music card.
3. Find a song and tap on it.
4. Select a picture or background for your music tale from your gallery.
5. Click “Share to Story.”
6. Music stories, as opposed to the music added to a Facebook profile, can be accessed on a PC.

So that’s how you may share your favorite tunes with others and fully express yourself. In the comments area below, let us know which music you have pinned to your Facebook page.

Where Can I Find The Music Feature On my FaceBook Profile?

Before knowing where can I find the music feature on my Facebook profile you first should know how to add music to Facebook profile? Facebook can effectively enable you to express yourself if you enjoy doing so through music. A few years ago, this brand-new feature was released. The following actions must be taken in order to locate the add Music option on your profile:

Step 1: Launch your Facebook app first, then log in using your credentials. You will initially be directed to the feed page. Click on your profile to access your profile page once you’ve arrived.

Step 2: After accessing your profile, scroll down a little until you find the Music tab.

Step 3: Select the Music tab. The Music page will be empty since this is your first time utilizing the Music function.

Step 4: The music search box will open when you click on the Plus icon in the top right corner. You can use this page to search for music to add to your profile.

And that is how Facebook’s Music feature operates and this is how to add music to Facebook profile? 

Wrapping Up

Above we have mentioned all the information regarding How to add music to facebook profile?  We agree that music makes the world a better place. Now that Facebook gives you the option to add a song to your profile, feel free to use it to better express yourself. After all, you never know who you can inspire by simply including a song that relates to them on your profile.

Additionally, you can select a piece of music based on your mood and add it to your profile to reflect how you’re feeling right now. The benefit of the music section is the billions of tracks that are already available for adding to your profile. Facebook has all of your favorite musical genres and singers, regardless of who you choose.

Now that you know how to add music to Facebook profile? Try it out for yourself and add your favorite music to your Facebook page to wow everyone.

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