8 Engagement Ring Pair Trends for Couples

8 Engagement Ring Pair Trends for Couples

Engagement rings are not just about mighty diamonds, precious gemstones, or the metal they are crafted in. It’s about the lifelong commitment that begins the very moment these rings are exchanged. That’s the beauty of engagement rings.

Every love story is unique and thus requires the perfect manifestation. Engagement rings help you manifest and embody your love for a lifetime. Matching pair Engagement rings have become a massive trend lately, and we’ve got your back in selecting the best designs while buying engagement rings online & offline. 

Read on to discover the top eight stunning engagement ring pair trends for couples. (or the love birds reading this)


1. Meant to last a lifetime: Eternity Bands

Also known as promise rings, eternity bands have been an on-trend engagement ring pair since forever. These rings exemplify the never-ending love between two people. Eternity bands are not only used as engagement rings but also for commemorating milestones & special dates. The design aesthetic of an eternity ring lies in the unbroken circle of diamonds, gemstones, or just precious metals (whatever suits your choice). Consider this beautiful ring pair for your special day and special one. You can check these eternity bands online for design inspiration & best prices.

2. The evenhanded: Gender-Neutral Rings

Looking for an exact matching engagement ring pair online? Well, look no further. From twinning wardrobe with your partner to twinning engagement rings, gender-neutral rings are totally trending lately. As the name may intrigue, these rings are not specifically unisex but available in both men’s and women’s sizes. The design styles range from basic precious metals rings to diamonds and more. Just explore and find the perfect piece for a matchy-matchy vibe.

3. Evergreen adornment: Classic Solitaire Rings

Did someone say solitaires? Oh! What a classic beauty they are.

These single diamond beauties are a dreamy match for the lovely two.

Almost everyone associates solitaire rings with a classic engagement ring as if these have been a benchmark of everlasting love for ages. Solitaire rings make for the most exquisite engagement ring pair for your lady loves and gentlemen. Consider these 4Cs of connoisseurship while buying solitaires online & offline – Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat.

4. Just for you: Custom-designed Rings

A ring that’s one of a kind and totally unique to your love? Yes, that’s very special. From clothing to foodstuffs, data plans to trip bookings, things made to suit your distinctive taste are ruling the market. And so are custom engagement ring pairs. Custom-designed engagement ring pairs provide the latitude to design your own ring, engrave names & dates, choose gemstones, and etch a lovely message. All of which makes it the most special choice for your precious one. Once you have an idea and have found style inspiration for buying custom engagement rings online, go ahead and build that dainty piece.

5. Mesmerizing Hues: Precious Gemstone Rings

Precious gemstones are a fast-growing trend in engagement rings online. These multicolored gemstones are gaining traction because of multiple reasons. Gemstones harbor deeper meanings, are cost-efficient compared to diamonds and have a unique luscious look. Another reason for their popularity is celebrity inspiration. 

Blue sapphire is the most famous gemstone of all. Other popular choices include rubies, emeralds, and colored diamonds. These vibrant gemstones make for an elegant engagement ring pair for couples.

6. The more, the merrier: Multitoned Rings

Multitone engagement ring pairs online are another rising trend among couples. The design aesthetic of these rings is mixing and matching two or more metals. These make for a striking ring pair that will surely drive people to say- “Where did you get it from?”

Some of the popular combinations are Rose gold & sterling silver/white gold, platinum & yellow gold, and triple-toned gold ring. Diamonds, gemstones, and engravings are the cherry on top. Just experiment and craft a piece as uniquely nurtured as your love.

7. All things simple: Minimalist Engagement rings

Modern minimalist couple! Here’s what you have been searching for in your ideal engagement ring pair online. Minimal engagement rings are all about classic and no-frills designs that aren’t too flashy. While this style is peculiar to a certain set of couples, these understated dainty rings go with any outfit or occasion. These pieces of jewelry are not only in-trend but also timeless. Solitaires, plain precious metal bands, and three-stone rings are some of the popular design styles. Embrace your minimalistic style statement with pride.

8. Forever & beyond: Infinity Bands

Don’t confuse this with eternity bands. That’s a different style altogether. However, the essence abides the same- symbolizing your endless love. Unlike the unbroken circle design of eternity bands, infinity loops are the differentiator of infinity bands. These trending engagement ring pairs are crafted in various styles like precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones. All of which look simply ravishing.

So, here you go couples! Take note of these 8 on-trend engagement ring pairs online. Some popular online gemstone platforms are Gempundit.com and more. 

Check out these exquisite engagement rings from our collection there.

You’re going to love these, we promise!

We hope you enjoyed reading through these recommendations, finding the right match for your unique love (and envisioning your ring pair alongside).


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