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It is not every day that a man or woman decides to get engaged to their partner.

In the era of online dating, I still believe in old school romances, where the couple-in-love goes out of their way to plan and organize something memorable that they can cherish for their whole lifetime.

Every couple is unique, and so should their engagement. So, if you’re one and looking for ideas to make your engagement memorable yet unique, then you’re at the right place. I’ve compiled some sure-shot ideas to help you do that.

1. Rent a Projector

You both have been through a roller coaster ride in this relationship, so why not walk through the memory lane as you put a ring on it.

The idea behind this is to turn your relationship journey into a real-life short film and project it in a movie theater-themed park. This can be either a surprise to your future spouse, and you make a film with your couple’s photos, without them knowing, or you both can work on a film together.

Besides, you can have your closest friends and family over during the screening. If you manage to put together some care packages for your guests, nothing like it. Basic stuff like popcorn, Kitkats, Twizzlers, and other cinema and movie snacks should serve the purpose.

2. The old-fashioned American Dream

I’m sure you are confused looking at the title. Wait, let me explain.

America has a lot of dreams, and here, I am referring to the old school Sunday picnic, at brunch time, on a sunny day.

If you both like it simple, you can plan a picnic to celebrate your engagement and raise a toast to the life ahead. You can carry food like bagels, sausages, potatoes, salads, chips, and some mimosas, champagne, and bottled beer.

3. A disco or a dance party

A disco party never, NEVER gets old, no matter what the celebration is. Find a disco nearby, ask if they take bookings for private parties and if it’s in your budget. If not, no worries, you can easily turn your home into a disco ground – Shift a few furniture, rent a music system and dance your heart out.

While you both are dancing, you can go down on your knees, surprise your partner, and pull out the engagement ring. Hopefully, the answer would be yes!

4. Go for a Sunset Sail

To have your engagement celebration in the middle of the ocean is not as difficult as it may sound. It might be high on budget, but all you need to do is hire a small cruise or sailboat. That’s it.

You might want some champagne to pop when your partner says yes, and some glasses to serve everyone. That is all the preparation that is needed. Of course, some decorations won’t hurt! 😉

5. Host a Pool Party

If it’s the summer months, a pool party is literally one of the best ways to announce your engagement.

All that being said, if your future spouse is not fond of water bodies, it’s best to move on to other choices on the list.

6. A Cozy Beach Bonfire

Beach bonfires are fun only when you’re celebrating with your intimate circle. Oceanside games, drinks, and some barbeque if you can arrange.

Also, if anyone can play a ukulele or a guitar, it would be the perfect icing on the cake. The vibe would be perfect for intimate announcements such as engagements.

Over to you…

For me, the perfect engagement idea has elements of surprise, joy, perfect food, perfect people, and a perfect ambiance. But as they say, there is no such thing as perfect. If you put in the time and effort, and most importantly, you and your partner both love each other, everything will deem to be perfect.

All that being said, hopefully, these ideas can come in handy for you, and you can plan a never-seen-before engagement party for your partner!

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