15 Facts About Dreaming About Death | What Does It Mean?

15 Facts About Dreaming About Death | What Does It Mean?

You call your friend, but he was not replying. You pat him on his shoulder and shake them but his head dawns on you. You found him lifeless. You try to reach him again but again the distance grows and grows between you and he disappears somewhere in the fog. You wake up with a very strange burdened feeling because of such a dream. But in reality, it actually has no concern with your friend, with you, or his literal death.

It’s not unusual for terminally ill people to dream about their close ones who have died or someone who is alive according to a 2016 study done in India. A small 2014 surveyTrusted Source too found that it’s not uncommon to dream of someone you’ve recently lost.

What Dying Dreams Make You Feel?

Many people mentioned these dreams as pleasant and both pleasant and disturbing. Most people found these dreams purely disturbing. These dreams may be part of the sorrowing process or reflection of the thing sometimes that you miss that person who is no longer in your life now. When people try to interpret a dream, they focus less on specific details and more on the way it made them feel. People do always focus more on that bitter feeling.

Like, if you woke up feeling scared and low you might consider whether you’re stressed out about changes in your life or fearing the unknown and if you woke up happy and good, perhaps you’re accepting that something in your life is ending and you’re now welcoming with open arms a new beginning.

Can You Predict Through Dreams About Any Tragedy?

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No, you can’t predict in your dreams any tragedy. The things we dream about are actually symbols for other things. So, dreaming about death could be part of the bereavement process or sorrowing or a sign of great change in your life.

It indubitably can be upsetting to dream about death or something like this but always remember that dreams aren’t predictions and they can’t be.

What Do Dreams Of Someone Falling To Death Actually Mean?

Dream about someone dying represents:

  • Insecurity or lack of self-confidence
  • Feeling out of control, low or mixed
  • Letting go or setting yourself free

Dreams of death can show up in many ways. Whether it’s your own death or someone close to you, there’s mostly a chance your dream is about unresolved issues or anything like that. because in these things, you are always stressing about things, and things are just revolving around in your mind so in most cases you saw the same thing in your dream too.

 What Do Dreams About Family Members Dying Means?

When you dream about your loved one dying, it might be due to any kind of changes — whether perceived or actual — to your relationships or any bond. A 2018 study on childhood nightmares found these common themes :

  • death
  • injury
  • threats to family members.

What Do Dreams About Yourself Dying Means?

Dreaming about yourself dying could simply represent that you’re in a major life transition process. and what you are feeling and living right now is totally new for you.

It can be a symbolic goodbye to a relationship, a job, a home, a friend, your dog, or anything close to you. It could represent a part of you that is dying or something you’d like to escape or the moment you do not wanna live.

It could also be that you’ve been putting your own basic requirements needs on the back burner in favor of someone else and in that thing part of you feels neglected and is dying deep inside.

What Do Dreams About Celebrities Dying Means?

When a celebrity dies in your dream, it’s not actually about the celebrity. The meaning may lie in who or what that particular celebrity means to you and what connection or image of them you have in your mind.


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What Do Dreams About Pets Dying Means?

If you get a dream about your pet dying it may be because they’re old or sick and you’re genuinely concerned about them as you feel connected to them and they make you feel complete. In short, your interests are somewhere attached to them. But your pet may represent something else;

  • comfort
  • security
  • companionship

And dreaming of your pet dying might symbolize your fear of loss of these three qualities or anything about them or your bond which you are concerned about.

 What Do Dreams About Friends Dying Means?

Dreaming about the death of a friend symbolizes concern or love for that person. It could also mean that your friendship is undergoing some kind of change.

Always remember that the meaning behind the dream may not have anything to do with that friend at all. You just cannot predict the tragedy.

 What Do Dreams About a loved one Dying Mean?

The aforementioned small 2016 study by trusted Sources found that someone’s dying dreams are normal. Terminally ill people mentioned dreaming about loved ones who’ve already died or who are sick or mentally upset.

These dreams tended to be inoffensive, and the people in the dreams were seen as if they were in their prime health.

Can you avoid or prevent death dreams from coming?

Dreaming About Death

The main goal should not be to prevent having such dreams, but rather to approach them with curiosity to better understand them. Having dreams about death can be the result of ongoing stress and unresolved issues. Try to identify the cause of stress and mess in your daily routine life. Facing the issue confidently may help stop the dreams.

You can also ease into a more peaceful and good sleep by scheduling a proper time. Make sure your bedroom is free of glowing electronics, such as catchy annoying items and other sources of light. If you accidentally wake up in the night, use deep breathing or other relaxation exercises to get back to sleep. If that doesn’t work, get up and do something relaxing that makes you feel good until you’re sleepy again. If you’re having trouble dealing with such bad dreams or ongoing stress, talk with a doctor or mental health professional. A qualified therapist for sure can help you work through anxiety dreams.

15 Facts About Dreaming About Death

  1. Dreaming about death has no concern with literal death.
  2. It happens with terminally ill people or the ones who are stressed or mentally upset.
  3. Such dreams can be both pleasing and disturbing. depends on what impact they had left on you.
  4. People do interpret dreams, and what they make them feel, that’s why people sound negative afterward.
  5. These dreams represent the ending of some phase in your life and the beginning of the new one.
  6. Fear of losing someone can be one of the reasons for such dreams too.
  7. If you are cheated by someone or someone betrayed you badly then also there are chances of having such dreams.
  8. Some medications can also be the reason for nightmares.
  9. It also represents the wake-up call to stop unhealthy or bad habits.
  10. Dreaming of death symbolizes how precious our life actually is.
  11. It can also happen when you lost something or didn’t achieve something.
  12. Putting your own basic requirements on the back burner in favor of someone else or any kind of expectations from someone can also be one of the reasons for having such dreams.
  13.  Dreams or not any kind of predictions.
  14. It can also happen if your life is undergoing some sort of change.
  15. Dreaming about death could be a positive signal too sometimes as some people see the death dream as a sign of good luck and prosperity.

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