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Considering its unique selection features, the Roblox universe is home to a number of eerie horror games. There are several that are rather dramatic and unnerving, yet the majority of them are still family-friendly and appropriate for all ages. Some of them shouldn’t be used with smaller kids. This post will list some of the 15 Best scary Roblox games to play that are available right now on Roblox and will advise you to also watch how to get voice chat on Roblox?

In gamers, there has always been a strong sense of community. The relationship has always existed, whether you’re a gamer playing online with total strangers or searching for Among Us Discord servers. Roblox has swiftly emerged as one of the greatest platforms with a strong sense of community among the myriad of open-world community games available. In this article. today we thought to share with all the 15 best scary Roblox games to play

Roblox provides a huge selection of games that explore all kinds of genres, including shooters, roleplaying, kids games, and more. Roblox also permits custom game development. Today, we’ll be concentrating on the most spooky Roblox games that exist. Consequently, if you’re a Roblox player seeking the 15 best scary Roblox games to play, look below:

Here’s The 15 Best Scary Roblox Games To Play You Should Try-

Here in this article, we are going to share with you all the 15 best scary Roblox games to play that you will find completely interesting and horrifying. So, let’s talk what are the 15 best scary Roblox games to play

1. The Black Death

Black death

In the first place, we have The Black death another popular horror game from 2022 which is among the 15 best scary Roblox games to play. In this one, you have to get out of a scary house because something is after you in the dark and there are lots of flashing lights, shadows, and terrifying jump scares everywhere. The only thing you have to do to play is fleeing, whether you do it alone or with friends. Do you possess the necessary skills to escape unscathed?

2. Survive The Killer

Survive the Killer roblox codes

At the second spot of the 15 best scary Roblox games to play, we have the game Survive the killer. Observing a pattern in the scare games on Roblox? Survive the Killer supports the idea that there are many situations in which you are essentially fleeing from something that is pursuing you. However, since one person gets to be the murderer every round, things are a little different here.

With a consistent player population of more than 10,000 in 2021, this Roblox game is another wildly successful one. There are methods to grind up your character level for buffs and cosmetics, just like in all other games on the platform.

3. The Mimic

maxresdefault 3

One of the spookiest horror Roblox games we’ve come across is The Mimic. The game, which supports single-player or multiplayer, is a horror adventure made up of numerous chapters. Four separate urban legends and myths about Japanese history were combined to form The Mimic.

Each chapter, which is disguised as one of four books, will transport you and your pals to eerie realms filled with gruesome level layouts, unexpectedly loud noises, and jumpscares. Although you can play this Roblox horror game alone, if you don’t want to suffer, we suggest bringing a friend. If you want to play one of the most satisfying Roblox scary games, check it out.

4. The Breaking Point

maxresdefault 4

One of the most played games on Roblox right now is Breaking Point, which was initially forbidden. Players take it in turns to eliminate one another in this kind of murder mystery game. Similar to the traditional game Werewolf, the game is won by the last person standing. Is the game frightful? Although it is fairly dark, the only truly terrifying aspect is the darkness itself.

5. Dead Silence


Dead Silence is one of the creepiest Roblox games and has long been regarded as one of the most terrifying. Dead Silence places you in the role of an investigator and is based on the horror movie of the same name. It’s your responsibility to look into the disappearance of Mary Shaw, a slain ventriloquist who allegedly haunts the neighborhood.

This spooky Roblox game will make sure you leave the lights on at night thanks to its level design, which will make you cautious of every turn and is capped with ominous creaking noises and hushed hushes. Look it over and be frightened.

6. The Maze

maxresdefault 5

Fair warning: the game may make you feel claustrophobic as you play it, which is a sign that it is effective. The game places you inside an underground maze that you must escape, much like its name suggests. The only tools you have for assistance are a camera and a flashlight with a limited battery. You can play the horror game The Maze on Roblox with up to 12 players if you like.

So, if you’re hesitant to travel through it by yourself, bring a companion or two. Be cautious, though, as this endless maze contains creatures of unknown origin who are out to catch you. Enjoy this Roblox horror game that is team-based.

7. The Zombie Attack


Kids of all ages can appreciate this because it is basically a much more subdued version of Call of Duty: Zombies. It’s just unrealistic. Everything else, including the motions and graphics, is typical of Roblox. This is absolutely a game that kids can play. What’s the game’s mechanic?

A group of players must protect itself from hordes of zombies each round. You can employ a variety of weapons and upgrades. Similar to the Infected mode in Call of Duty, you can respawn as a zombie if you die as a defense.

8. Alone In The Dark House

alone in a dark house

Alone In A Dark House is on the other end of the scary spectrum. This one is somewhat spooky. An abandoned house full of secrets and few lightbulbs is a standard horror setup. This relatively narrative-based game has several possible endings, not all of which are enjoyable.

9. The Haunted Imperial Hotel

hotel imperail

The Roblox horror game Imperial Hotel is set in an abandoned hotel that was forced to close after several people died as a result of a collapse. This Roblox game allows you to explore a reportedly haunted hotel that is full of puzzling riddles and is based on exploration mechanics mixed with horror.

You must move through the structure as the explorer while avoiding obstacles and avoiding traps. This spooky Roblox game contains a lot of jumpscares in addition to horror. You can also play multiplayer and invite your buddies if you ever feel lonely.

10. Stop It, Slender

stop it slender

Another terrifying Roblox game based on a well-known urban legend is this one. This horror game on Roblox challenges citizens (players) to locate all eight secret pages that have been dispersed throughout the neighborhood, with a focus on the horrifying Slender Man. You’re not alone, though, as the Slender Man is pursuing you while acting like a ticking time bomb.

Stop it Slender does a good job of reinterpreting the urban legend in Roblox, complete with a spooky ambiance and a spotlight that tends to flicker. If you want to relieve Slender Man while being utterly afraid in Roblox, get this game

11. Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery

The most popular Roblox game for most ages is called Murder Mystery 2. It’s a Roblox adaptation of the classic board game Cluedo or Among Us. Every round features a murder, a group of innocents attempting to solve it, and a Sheriff who can offer assistance.

Is it eerie? The notion is a little too gloomy for little children, but not quite. The only real distinction between this Roblox game and a kid’s cartoon you’d watch on morning TV is the unique graphics and comic weapons.

12. Frigid Dusk

maxresdefault 7

A deadly bioweapon that you have manufactured must be found in this dark, terrifying game, where you (and a bunch of your buddies, who are also playing as scientists) must trudge through the barren wastes and chilly winds. Your flashlight is getting weaker and dimmer as the world grows increasingly dark and chilly. It is advised that you play Frigid Dusk in the dark while wearing headphones. For the spookiest atmosphere, turn up the graphics to the maximum. This game is not for the easily amused.

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13. Insane Elevator

maxresdefault 8

Insane Elevator is also one of the 15 best scary Roblox games to play. Players of all ages can enjoy this Roblox horror game because it dials back the scares a little. For a chance to win numerous prizes, Insane Elevator forces players to board an elevator. The Rake, Pennywise the Clown, Sired Head, and other killers from other movies and video games are also there, though.

You, the player, must persevere through numerous stages and complete tasks. You can invite your pals to join this multiplayer Roblox horror game while crammed into one Insane Elevator if you like.

14. The Darkness Beyond

maxresdefault 9

The majority of haunting games focus on the monsters’ grotesque appearances to frighten players. What if, though, you were unaware of the threat? The terror factor in this Roblox game depends on players’ dread of the dark. It can be played solo or cooperatively with friends for greater rewards. In the second last spot of the 15 best scary Roblox games to play, we have The darkness beyond.

Preventing the terrifying beast of darkness from infiltrating your home is the main goal here. To stop the creature from getting to you, you can utilize cameras, bars on the windows, and locked doors. However, if you can’t stop the penetration, the game can wind up giving you nightmares.

15. The Alysum

Png 1

Eagle Studios, an independent firm that specializes in horror Roblox games, created the scary game The Asylum. The Asylum, which is divided into several chapters, turns players into explorers as they explore this abandoned, horrifying facility and try to unravel the mystery.

Chapter two leads you to a frightening property just next to the asylum, whereas Chapter One forces you to tour the asylum. If you dare, try out this spooky Roblox game. So, these are the 15 best scary Roblox games to play.

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Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoy playing the 15 best scary Roblox games to play that we have mentioned above, whether by yourself or with pals. The popular game Roblox is also available on other platforms. Roblox is easily installable, even on Chromebooks.

We try our level best to provide you with each and every piece of information regarding the 15 best scary Roblox games to play. There are several games like Roblox that you can play in case you get sick of this one. Have any suggestions for further games? Tell us in the comments section below! Don’t forget to share your views with us by commenting in the comment section below. Till then stay safe and healthy.


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