10+ Creative iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas | Best In 2022

10+ Creative iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas | Best In 2022

Make your iPhone amazing with Incredible and Creative iOS 14 home screen ideas. As everyone knows, Apple has taken over the market all over the world with its services and along with it, by upgrading its iOS devices, it has won the hearts of the people. Whenever there is talk of getting a smartphone, first of all, the name the iPhone comes to the mind of the people. Some people buy iPhones just for their camera, you know selfie queens.

But the iPhone is not only known for its camera, there are many other things in which the iPhone comes at number 1. As we talked about, some people buy phones only for their camera, so under that, they seem a bit different, but what can we do when it comes to making the phone different?

Here today we are going to talk about how you can make your iPhone unique and beautiful by using your iOS 14 home screen ideas. From the outside, we can make our phones look creative and stylish but with the help of these iOS home screen ideas, you can make your phone look beautiful from the inside. Then what’s the delay, let’s see.


10+ Creative iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas


When it comes to making the phone beautiful, first of all, we pay attention to the outlook of our phones so that they look beautiful, different, and attractive from the outside. But don’t you think that there is a need to make a phone beautiful, and attractive not only from the outside but also from the inside. So let’s see which one of the given iOS 14 home screen ideas suits you more.


iOS 14 Home Screen Layout Ideas

Creative iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas | Best

The very first important step is that you have to update your iPhone. To update, you have to first go to your iPhone Settings app, on scrolling down you will show the option of General Settings. Under the General Settings option, you have to click on the Software Update option and then you have to leave your iPhone to update for 30 minutes at work.

Also, keep in mind that your iPhone should be fully charged or at least 80% charged. The next step will be ours, Declutter. All we need to do is to select any app icon (the app we want to add to our iPhone home screen) after that we have to click on the edit screen option. After clicking, we have to tap on the minus sign and finally, click on Move App than on App Library.

Now it comes to designing your phone. The first thing we need to design our iPhone is an inspiration. You can get inspiration from anywhere. If someone likes colorful things then he will prefer a color theme, who is interested in anime then he will prefer an anime theme, and so on. The basic thing is, that all the people have their own different choices and they design or customize their phones according to the same.


Some Of The Aesthetic iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas

 iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas

There are also some Incredible Aesthetic iOS Home Screen Ideas that we are going to tell you about and also how you can change the look of your iPhone by following some simple steps yourself or say that a new one, you can give an aesthetic iOS 14 home screen ideas. So let’s just look at these steps;

Step 1: First of all make sure that which layout you want to customize your phone. You can also take an idea by taking a screenshot of a layout or create your creativity in your mind.

Step 2: The next step will be adding our widgets, but how will we do that. Simply you have to go to your iPhone App Store and from there you will get WidgetSmith installed. After that open the app, and let’s add the calendar, for that we will choose the font, background, and border color and save it.

Step 3: Now we will add the widget to the home screen, then we will select edit home screen, click on the top widget and then scroll down then widgetsmith and find your saved widget and add it.

Step 4: Let us do the same step with the photo. Download WidgetSith App> Select Widget Size> Click on Add Widget> Tap on the option given there to see all the options> Select the one which suits you> Now click on the picture of your choice> main Go to Screen > Hold Home Screen > Press the Plus Sign > Scroll Down on Widgets > Click on Small > Place It > Hit Done > Hold It > Edit Widget > And Select Newly Created Small Widget And done.

Step 5: Our next step will be how can we customize the icons? Opens shortcut app> click create shortcut> click add action> type in open app> click choose and look up the app you want to choose> click on the 3 dots at the top right corner> rename the new shortcut> click add to home screen > Rename Again > Change Picture > & Add.

So in this way you can customize your phone according to your own choice. Customizing your iPhone yourself is not rocket science. And if you do not like any of our given ioS 14 home screen ideas, then you can use your creativity to give a new look to your iPhone.

2. Give Your iPhone A Cool Winter Aesthetic Theme

iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas

This theme is perfect for people who like chill and cool weather. Aesthetic Winter Theme will provide a new look to your phone and at the same time will keep you calm, because Winter Light Blue Color is a light bright color that will provide relaxation to your eyes so that you will not get tired of your phone doing it.

3. Customize Your Phone With Aesthetic Black and White Theme

iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas

Many people love black and white combinations, and this black and white theme is perfect for those combinations lovers. White color represents peace and it is also a relaxing color in itself, and more importantly, black color is a bold and classy color in itself. If seen, both black and white can become two different themes in themselves, but they can become unique by adding to a new iOS 14 home screen idea.

4. Go With Aesthetic Pastel Color Theme

iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas

This aesthetic pastel color theme is perfect for people who love dark bright and little shades of different colors. If you go with this theme like in autumn color in your iOS 14 home screen ideas, we can confidently say that you will not get any regress from it.


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5. Go With Nature With Aesthetic Green Theme

iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas

This theme special is going to be very much liked by the people who love mother nature. This theme will give you peaceful vibes differently. You can design and customize it yourself by imagining plants, animals, forests, waterfalls, or any other images or themes.

6. Classy Aesthetic Lavender Theme

iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas

If you like bright colors more but which are not too faint, and at the same time which give peace to your eyes. This Classy Aesthetic Lavender Theme Is Suitable For You. As we know, lavender color is a bright and attractive color. If you are fed up with the cold winter theme (blue), you must go with this cold and classy aesthetic lavender idea.

7. Aesthetic SpongBob Square Pants Theme

iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas

We look towards colorful, attractive, and different ios 14 home screen ideas like royal themes, winter themes, autumn themes, and much more but it does not mean that we should give our creativity a back end. If you are a cartoon lover, then remember your childhood and give this SpongeBob Square Pants Theme a try.

8. Give A Try To Anime Theme

iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas

If you are a fan of cartoons, then even after such a long time you are fond of watching movies or web series like anime. Man, why don’t you go for an anime theme? You can add a new aesthetic anime theme idea to ios 14 home screen ideas to ignite yours under one’s creativity.

9. Aesthetic Haloween Theme

iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas

If you like Halloween, you can adopt an aesthetic Halloween idea for your iOS 14. You can give a new Halloween look to your iOS 14, by adding some unique Halloween images to your app icons and widgets.

10. Aesthetic Pokemon Theme

iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas

Let’s remember our childhood, and add on a unique aesthetic pokemon theme to iOS 14 home screen ideas. You can make your iOS 14 different. You can even use the famous Pikachu, Dash, and other Pokemon images as widgets and icon images.

11. Go With an Aesthetic Twilight Theme

iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas

People have added a new theme to ios 14 home screen ideas, you think right, with the famous vampire movie series, Twilight. As we all know this love vampire movie series became very famous all over the world, and its lead role characters too. You can enjoy this Aesthetic Twilight Theme by using some of these images on your ios 14 home screen.



Q1. Can we customize our iPhone by taking the idea of any cartoon or anime theme?

Of course, you can design your own iPhone by taking any idea or imagining it. (Just imagine, adding a new creative cartoon and anime ios 14 home screen ideas) But you have to take care of some things like you should have a proper format to implement your idea and it should have some unique images along with it. And by following some simple and easy steps, you can give your customized look to your phone.

Q2: Can we use 2 themes on our iOS 14 home screen ideas?

Aag you are very creative-minded, and always try to find something unique and new, so don’t stop at all. You can also create your ios 14 home screen ideas by combining 2 themes.



Our iOS 14 home screen ideas list and the discussion end here, but not for you. As we told you that you can also design and customize your iPhone by taking a unique and creative idea. There is no end to creativity, so give yourself a chance to your creativity and keep adding new and beautiful IOs 14 home screen ideas.

In today’s article, we talked about some ios 14 home screen ideas, we will tell you which one of our mentioned ideas or themes you liked the most. We will be waiting for your feedback. You stay with us and stay happy till then.

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