Top 10 Best Colleges in Florida to Study (2022)

When it comes to education, parents want the best college for their children. Isn’t it true? No child wants compromises. So today I’ll be sharing with you the Top 10 best colleges in Florida, United States.


What college does life offer to us?

When it comes to college life, it is amazing. But it might not be true for everyone. Collage years might / might not be the absolute best years of life but college is probably one of the first huge milestones in life. Collage is somewhat totally different from where you grew up. It offers meeting up different people whom you have never encountered in your home town. Going to college means Reinventing yourself, and reinventing yourself, and reinventing yourself again. And the best part is there are no parental curfews. Am I true? Learning is fun in college. Wired things are what we do in college. We get an opportunity to live with the best ones.

But the best two words we hear when it comes to deciding a college is Study Abroad. If it is possible for you to study abroad, then never miss this opportunity.

The United States is so beautiful. Not only it is famous for its beauty but also for its best educational institution. Florida, United States is known for its best top colleges including specialized institutions. Colleges are located throughout Florida and in cities such as Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, and the state capital of Tallahassee.


 Here’s the List of the Top 10 Best Colleges in Florida to Study (2022)



1.) University of Florida


Top 10 best colleges in Florida


LocationGainesville, Florida, United States
TypePublic land – grant research university
MottoCivium in moribus rei publicae salus
Motto in English The welfare of the state depends upon the morals of its citizens
Established1853; 167 years ago
PresidentW. Kent Fuchs
Cost ( in-state)$21,211
Cost ( out of state) $43,489


2.) University of Miami


Top 10 best colleges in Florida


LocationCoral Gables, Florida, United States
TypePrivate Research university
Motto Magna est veritas
Motto in EnglishGreat is the truth
Established1925; 95 years ago
PresidentJulio Frenk
Cost $70,906


3.) Florida State University


Top 10 best colleges in Florida


LocationTallahassee, Florida, United States
TypePublic Research university
MottoVires, Artes, Mores
Motto in EnglishStrength, Skill, Character
PresidentJohn E. Thrasher
Cost ( in-state)$22,446
Cost ( out of state ) $35,576


4.) University of South Florida


Top 10 best colleges in Florida


LocationTampa, Florida United States
TypePublic Research university
MottoTruth and Wisdom
Motto in EnglishTruth and Wisdom
EstablishedDecember 18, 1956; 63 years ago
PresidentSteven C. Currall
Cost ( in-state)$23,446
Cost ( out of state ) $34,360



5.) University of Central Florida




LocationOviedo, Florida, United States
TypePublic Research university
MottoReach for the Stars
Motto in EnglishReach for the Stars
EstablishedJune 10, 1963; 57 years ago
PresidentAlexander Cartwright
Cost ( in-state)$22,548
Cost ( out of state ) $38,647


6.) Florida International University


Top 10 best colleges in Florida


LocationUniversity Park, Florida
TypePublic Research university
MottoSpes Scientia Facultas
Motto in EnglishHope, Knowledge, Opportunity
Established1965; 55 years ago
PresidentMark B. Rosenberg
Cost ( in-state)$23,865
Cost ( out of state ) $36,263

7.) Florida Institute of Technology


Top 10 best colleges in Florida


LocationMelbourne, Florida, United states
TypePrivate Research university
MottoAd Astra Per Scientiam
Motto in EnglishTo the stars through science.
EstablishedSeptember 22, 1958; 62 years ago
PresidentT. Dwayne McCay
Cost $60,150


8.) Nova Southeastern University


Top 10 best colleges in Florida


LocationFort Lauderdale-Davie, Florida, United States
TypePrivate Hispanic-serving multi-campus research university
MottoEngage, Inspire, Achieve
Motto in EnglishEngage, Inspire, Achieve
Established1964; 56 years ago
PresidentGeorge L. Hanbury II
Cost $52,967

9.) Florida A&M University


Top 10 best colleges in Florida


LocationTallahassee, Florida, United States
TypePublic, HBCU, Land-grant
MottoExcellence With Caring
Motto in EnglishExcellence With Caring
EstablishedOctober 3, 1887; 133 years ago
PresidentLarry Robinson
Cost ( in-state)$23,433
Cost ( out of state ) $35,373


10.) Florida Atlantic University


Top 10 best colleges in Florida


LocationBoca Raton, Florida, United States
TypePublic Research university
MottoWhere Tomorrow Begins
Motto in EnglishWhere Tomorrow Begins
Established1961; 59 years ago
PresidentJohn W. Kelly
Cost ( in-state)$25,459
Cost ( out of state ) $37,904

End of the line-

So, friends, these are the top 10 best colleges in Florida. I have shared with you the personal website of each college. If you are interested in any of the ones you can visit their website to know more about the same.

Not only Florida is the home for just these 10 colleges but Florida offers a variety of best educational institutions. To know more colleges in Florida click here. 

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